Single Output C Band LNBF 5150MHz Super High Gain

Single Output C Band LNBF 5150MHz Super High Gain

Our advantage Our company has established a complete set of management system, and the production process is strictly controlled according to the satellite receiving process standards. This will help us maintain the development speed and reduce the production cost, so as to provide customers...
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Product Details

Our company has advanced management experience, production process and quality control means to ensure the provision of high-quality Portable Wireless Bluetooth Headset, Outdoor Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker, MMDS for domestic and foreign customers. And depending on excellent quality, reasonable price, best service, we have got good feedback from customers overseas. On the one hand, we always put product innovation at the top of business operations, and on the other hand, we continue to learn from advanced management concepts and methods at home and abroad.



Input Frequency


L.O. Frequency

5.15GHz ± 1MHz


± 1MHz(-40 ℃ - +70 ℃)

Output Frequency

950-1450 MHz

Conversion Gain

60 dB (TYP)

L.O. Phase Noise

-55 dBc/Hz@1KHz

-85 dBc/Hz@10KHz

-105 dBc/Hz@100KHz

Gain Flatness

±0.5dB/36 MHz

Noise Figure


Image Rejection


Dc Supply Voltage


Supply Current


Operating Temperature

-40 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

IF Output Connector

“F” Type Female

Output Impedance


Product  Feature

In order to ensure sufficient gain, the lC Band Single Output LNB consists of four-stage amplification or five-stage amplification. By appropriately selecting the operating points of each stage, the purpose of low noise and high gain can be achieved. The first two stages of amplifying circuits are designed according to low noise requirements, and the operating current is relatively small, while the latter two stages are designed according to high gain requirements, and the operating current is relatively large. 

Product Description

The C Band Single Output LNB is provided with a coupling device between the rectangular band, which converts the electromagnetic wave energy propagating inside the waveguide into a current. In addition, the electrical coupling method is to place a metal probe in a rectangular waveguide. The probe is parallel to the narrow side of the rectangular waveguide. It represents the polarization direction of the high frequency head. The probe generates current under the excitation of the electric field. The magnetic coupling method is a small metal ring is placed in the rectangular waveguide, the normal direction of the ring is perpendicular to the electric field in the waveguide, and the small ring generates an induced current under the excitation of the magnetic field. The microwave transistors used in low noise amplifiers are gallium arsenide field effect transistors or high electron mobility transistors, which are characterized by low noise and high operating frequency.

Our company develops, manufactures, and sells advanced Single Output C Band LNBF 5150MHz Super High Gain for a broad range of customers around the world. Our quality service allows us to obtain trust and loyalty with our customers. Close cooperation with our customers has helped us to create strong supply chains and reap benefits. Our pursuit is the corporate culture with ethics and humanity as its core values.


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