MMDS Transmission Classification

- Mar 31, 2019-

1, the first transmission network

The central encrypted programs transmitted by satellite signals and microwave trunk lines from various provinces and municipalities are transmitted to the prefecture (state) and county microwave stations through the microwave backbone network.

2, secondary transmission network

All local (state) and county cable stations receive encrypted programs transmitted by the province's microwaves, and insert self-run programs in the region to set up MMDS launchers in densely populated areas and at the highest point.

3. Three-level transmission network

After each township, town, and village receives the MMDS microwave signal, plus multiple sets of TV programs from the satellite, the CATV sub-front end is established, and then transmitted to each collective user or individual user by coaxial cable.

Like the optical network, the MMDS wireless transmission network can realize two-way transmission of traffic and data information, video on demand, and video conferencing.