MMDS Transmission And Reception

- Apr 02, 2019-

The transmission and transmission modes of MMDS are divided into single-frequency transmitters and broadband transmitters:

1. Single frequency point transmitter features

(1) The reliability is relatively high. If a transmitter fails to transmit, it will not affect the transmission of other signals.

(2) The transmission distance is large. Coverage can be up to 50 kilometers or more. Such a transmitter is usually used by rural cable television networks that transmit 12 channels of television signals to cover more than 30 kilometers.

(3) Because it uses an independent transmitter, the cost is higher.

(4) The transmitter is placed indoors for easy maintenance.

2. Broadband transmitter features

(1) The structure is simple and easy to use.

(2) The coverage is small, generally within a radius of 30 kilometers.

(3) Low cost, very popular among users in less developed economies.

(4) It can be placed at the rear of the outdoor antenna, eliminating the cost of building a machine room and purchasing feed pipes and waveguides.