MMDS Source Coding And Technology

- Apr 06, 2019-

(1) MMDS technology uses the latest source code and channel coding technology for transmitting digital signals. At the same time, people also introduce the latest modulation technology in MMDS system, which will make the spectrum of digital signals compress, which can greatly improve the channel. The utilization rate can ultimately improve the comprehensive utilization of communication power and spectrum.

(2) Compared with the traditional AML and FM microwave transmission mode, the MMDS operating frequency band is slightly lower, and compared with the terrestrial TV broadcasting VHF and UHF bands, the MMDS has a weaker diffractive capability, and various floor buildings. The object absorbs large, the reflected wave is weak, and there is no ghosting; in addition, the equipment cost required to form the MMDS technology system is very low, especially the MMDS down converter is smaller, integrated, mass production, and more The unique charm of performance/price ratio is excellent; therefore, MMDS technology is very suitable for individual users or unit users in large and medium-sized cities to receive. It does not need to lay a fiber optic cable and consumes a lot of financial and material resources, and the operation is simple and convenient.

(3) MMDS wireless transmission network is the same as cable TV optical network. It can adopt add/descramble technology to realize addressable charging system and computer user management system. Like the optical network, the MMDS wireless transmission network can realize two-way transmission of traffic and data information, video on demand, and video conferencing.