How To Receive Signals Using MMDS

- Apr 03, 2019-

When using the MMDS system to receive signals, the user should pay attention to the selection of the receiving point. The direction of the transmitting station cannot be blocked, and the interference source should be avoided. When debugging the MMDS signal receiving system, as long as the field strength meter is used, the connecting line is connected to the down converter and the feeder. First adjust the field strength meter or TV to the desired channel, then adjust the azimuth and elevation of the antenna to find the main signal and then fine-tune the frequency of the field strength meter. Repeated adjustment makes the signal strongest; the receiving antenna height of the MMDS system is as high as possible. Installed on top of a high-rise building.

Since the MMDS system transmits the front-end television signal to the air through radio waves, the user can receive it through the cheap receiving device within the coverage. How to eliminate the illegal user becomes a problem that plagues people. But there is no solution. There are several solutions to this problem:

1. Add an addressable scrambling system to the front end to scramble the signal and authorize the user. At the receiving end, the signal is restored to a viewable signal by the descrambler, so that even if the hacker has a descrambler, since it is not authorized, it can only receive the signal that is disturbed after scrambling.

2. At the MMDS transmit front end scrambling (encoding), the receiving user can purchase the decoder from the scrambling unit and install the signal at the front end of the receiving end.

There are currently three methods of scrambling: 1. Video scrambling 2. Audio scrambling 3. All audio and video scrambling

3. Add a set of scrambling devices at the front end to scramble the transmitted signal. Current scrambling schemes include RF scrambling and video baseband scrambling.