Bluetooth Wireless Life, Efficiency And Health Are Added

- Apr 12, 2019-

What are the benefits of Bluetooth headsets? Put on the Bluetooth headset, you can write EMAIL while talking on the phone, you can talk while driving while driving, you can do phone calls while doing housework, no more annoying wires! Just like a recent mobile phone advertisement with a Bluetooth headset: Empty your hands and let the hands do what it should.

With a Bluetooth headset, there is another benefit we can't ignore: health! Friends who often talk on the phone must have this kind of experience. Holding a phone and talking to the ear, not only the hands and neck are easy to cause soreness, but also the pain has gradually become painful. The electromagnetic wave of the Bluetooth headset is much lower than that of the mobile phone. When you talk about the phone, you only need to put the mobile phone in your briefcase or in your pocket, and put on the earphones to talk easily. It is not necessary to raise your hand to the old height, and it can effectively reduce the influence of electromagnetic waves on the human body.