Structure of the speaker

- Mar 18, 2019-

1. Voice coil: The voice coil is the driving unit of the cone cone speaker. It is wound on the paper tube in two layers with very thin copper wires. Generally, it is wound around several dozen turns, also called coil, placed on the magnetic core. The magnetic interference gap formed by the column and the magnetic conductive plate. The voice coil is fixed with the paper cone. When the sound current signal enters the voice coil, the voice coil vibration drives the paper cone to vibrate.

2. Paper cone: There are many kinds of materials used for the cone diaphragm of the cone cone speaker. There are two types of natural fiber and man-made fiber. Natural fibers are usually made of cotton, wood, wool, silk, etc., and rayon is made of rayon, nylon, glass fiber, and the like. Since the paper cone is the sound radiating device of the speaker, the sounding performance of the speaker is determined to a considerable extent, so no matter which kind of paper cone, it is required to be light and rigid, and cannot be deformed due to changes in ambient temperature and humidity. .

3. Folding ring: The folding ring is set to ensure the axial movement of the paper cone along the speaker and limit the lateral movement, and at the same time, it acts to block the front and back of the paper cone. In addition to the material of the paper cone, the material of the folding ring is also bonded to the paper cone by hot pressing using plastic, natural rubber or the like.

4. Centering piece: The centering piece is used to support the joint of the voice coil and the paper cone to ensure that it is vertical without skewing. There are many concentric rings on the centering piece, so that the voice coil can freely move up and down in the magnetic gap without lateral movement, ensuring that the voice coil does not touch the magnetic plate. The dust cover on the centering piece is to prevent the external dust from falling into the magnetic gap, avoiding the friction between the dust and the voice coil, and causing the speaker to produce an abnormal sound.