Speaker installation tips

- Mar 27, 2019-

The horn loudspeakers are still widely used in some markets in rural and urban areas, and once the sound film of the horn loudspeaker is lost, the correct installation of the sound membrane position is ensured. A method is described below, which can be easily solved. Installation can be done in two steps.

In the first step, select the appropriate thickness of paper and cut two strips that are loose ~10mm and 20mm longer than the diameter of the center piece. Then place the two strips perpendicular to each other on the center piece (the position is to be taken). To prevent them from moving, stick them with a little paste. Insert the ends of the strip into the magnetic gap. Align the voice coil on the sound film with the magnetic gap and gently press it down. Due to the presence of the strip, the voice coil is now positioned just in the middle of the magnetic gap without being skewed. Apply the universal adhesive on the edge of the sound film and cover the upper cover of the sound head. For the positive screw hole, tighten the screw. And remember the relative position of the upper cover and the sound head in place. Leave it for 8 hours. After the universal glue is completely dry, unscrew the screw and remove the upper cover. At this time, the sound film has been stuck to the upper cover.

In the second step, the leads are soldered to the terminals. Remove the two strips, then cover the top cover and pay attention to the mark you made. At this time, you can use the multimeter R × block or 1.5V dry battery, while constantly touching the two terminals, make a "snake" sound, tap the top cover, until the "tick" sound reaches the maximum, and there is no friction sound, you can Gradually tighten the set screws. When tightening the screw, it should be rotated symmetrically, instead of screwing one screw tightly, then tighten the second screw.