About the radiation problem of Bluetooth headset

- Mar 13, 2019-

The output power of the Bluetooth product is only 1 milliwatt, which is one-millionth of the power used by the microwave oven. It is one thousandth of the power of the mobile phone (mobile phone), and only a small part of these outputs are absorbed by the human body. Bluetooth's radiation to the human body is greener and safer than direct phone calls and trials of traditional wired headsets. Both children and pregnant women can use it with confidence.

When using a Bluetooth headset to answer or make a call, the antenna that the mobile phone emits and receives electromagnetic waves will be far away from the human body. Therefore, the effect of radiation on the human body will become relatively weak due to the distance.

Using a Bluetooth headset doesn't eliminate cell phone radiation, but it's like a body armor. Using a Bluetooth headset is like putting yourself on a body armor. With its protection, you can use radiation when using your phone. The bullet is blocked from the human body, thus avoiding the damage that the mobile phone may pose to the human body.

When the Bluetooth headset transmits data, it is transmitted and received in the form of electromagnetic waves. The so-called radiation is electromagnetic wave radiation. The radiation damage to the human body is mainly caused by the intensity and frequency of the electromagnetic wave. When both are present and the value is high, the radiation is radiated. The harm to us is great, but with the development of science and technology, people gradually solved this problem, that is, the advent of Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset uses low frequency, relatively long-distance transmission, so it says that it receives electromagnetic waves Frequency and intensity are less. If there is no problem with the quality of the product, then it is less radiation-free than using Bluetooth headset for direct phone calls. It is suitable for pregnant women. Of course, we need to choose a good Bluetooth headset. We can choose according to the choice. Different brand model version usage and other parameters are considered.