Wireless Noise Cancelling Sport Bluetooth Headset

1. Aluminum Bluetooth talk and music;
2. Bass sound for music streaming;
3. Work with 2 mobile phones simultaneously;
4. Next/Last song control
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Product Details

Chipset: WT200S V4.2+EDR


Frequency: 2.4GHz, Class 2

Talk: 4.5h;Music:4h; Standby:105 h

Working range: 10 meters

Battery capacity: 85mAh

Weight: 15g

Product Feature

Wireless Noise Cancelling Sport Bluetooth Headset realizes the function to make you focus on exercise. And the sports earplugs provide noise isolation to eliminate annoying background noise. Their expandable memory foam earbuds allow you to comfortably wrap yourself in the music, so you can block the rest of the world.

Product Description

This Wireless Noise Cancelling Sport Bluetooth Headset as a new kind of custom-made earplugs, which are better for any ear size. And the developed special ear hooks that bend and hold the shape you want to tailor the ear mold for the most comfortable fit. The adjustable flexible ear hooks will be securely held in place while running. Equipped with advanced unique HD sound and increased energy, we do promise that our Wireless Noise Cancelling Sport Bluetooth Headset will add fun to your running and make your workout truly effective. The latest Bluetooth 5 technology with True-HD sound and bass boost will also enhance your energy. Due to the high performance, it is perfect for running in any weather, and our waterproof running noise canceling headphones are the ideal sports headphones for your most challenging sports activities. 

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